Productivity: the one resource you need

Product DetailsAnthony Haynes writes: Many years ago I happened across a copy of a little book by Edwin C. Bliss entitled Getting Things Done (Bantam Books).

It’s a short and entirely practical book. It consists of dozens of practical tips on how to make more productive use of your time.

Each tip is concisely explained, typically in a page or so, in plain language.

I applied ideas from the book to my own work and found they made a marked impact. Then, when I was promoted to manage a team, I shared the book and its ideas with my colleagues.

Each week we’d choose one of the ideas to focus on. We’d each seek to apply it individually and encourage or remind team members to do the same.

To give a flavour, here are a few examples of the topics dealt with:

  • distinguishing between effectiveness and efficiency: “Efficiency concerns the best ways of doing an assigned job; Effectiveness…concerns the best use of time…Sound time management involves thinking in terms of effectiveness first and efficiency second”.
  • filing: (1) ” a few fat files are better than a lot of thin ones”; (b) “Files should be the exclusive domain of whoever does the filing”;
  • indecision (“indecision is nearly always the worst mistake you can make”)
  • meetings: frame agenda items as questions, so that participants can see what needs to be decided rather than merely talked through

I think the book is out of print, but I see that cheap secondhand copies are available via online retailers, including Amazon:



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