Productivity at home (2): tips from the FJWTS team

Anthony Haynes writes: FJ Wilson Talent Services (FJWTS) makes extensive use of home- and remote working. I asked members of the team to volunteer tips, based on their own experience, for being productive.

Here are some responses.

Our candidate interviewer, Gill Wilson, writes:

  • Gill Wilson _photo_86walk the dog first. That way, she settles down and is less likely to bark or distract me
  • Have a proper breakfast and at least one cup of tea
  • Close the office door – it signals to my partner that I am working and not to be disturbed
  • Have a good chair – otherwise I get backache
  • Keep my desk tidy – separate work and personal documents
  • Give myself regular breaks, have a cup of tea with my partner, play with the dog, water the plants – after all, this is a perk of working from home and it clears my head and my productivity increases
  • Know when to stop – work can easily consume my life if I am not careful

And our service delivery executive, Gillie Ritchie, writes:

  • 008 (5) GillI have a mini office set-up which then switches me into “work” mode. The set-up includes a small laptop desk and back support.
  • Generally I have background radio playing, which helps me focus.
  • I have an ample supply of water to keep me hydrated, which helps me with concentration.
  • I don’t tend to get distracted if I’m in “the zone” and I know what I have to achieve that day.
  • I work from a handover that Dilly Clack (Service Delivery Manager) and Fiona Wilson (FJWTS MD) have input into, so my day is very clear from the start of the day with a specification of the things which need to be actioned.
  • Generally when working from home, contact with other team members is via email with the occasional voice or video call.

And our MD, Fiona Wilson, writes:

  • coutts-4106-C-500px Fionamake good quality ‘posh’ coffee to start the day
  • schedule time when you are seen as ‘unavailable’ to ensure you are uninterrupted and stick to your work to-do list and priorities. We have a shared team calendar so my status is readily visible
  • use the first session of day either planning or using for a key piece of work — and not for email
  • take regular breaks from screen time, but be disciplined with length of these breaks
  • use facetime/skype/hangout (either as a group, or 1:1) to help maintain the sense of belonging to a team
  • avoid answering home landline until break times or the end of working day



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