5 Ways to Make Work-from-home Work

Anthony Haynes writes: As part of our series to mark Working from Home Week, we are pleased to reblog this post by Marcia Jacquette on the Mariposa Teams blog on how to (continue to) make your case for working from home.

Mariposa Teams

dreamstime_m_77922961 © Evgeniy Agarkov | Dreamstime.com

This is not an article about how to arrange your home office or set up a VOIP to make client calls. This is about preventing your employer from revoking your ability to work from home.

Over the years, I’ve seen many businesses offer employees the ability to work from home — usually as a hiring or retention perk — only to declare it a failure a year later and begin revoking the privilege. I could write an article about how the business needs to change it’s practices for communicating and evaluating productivity before it is ready to try out-of-sight management; but this article isn’t for the business. This article is for the employee who has this privilege and wants to make sure they keep it; and while it might be unfair, you can lose that privilege even if you believe it is working.

Your employer might…

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