Working Remotely: Taboo or Totally Awesome?

Anthony Haynes writes: To mark Working from Home Week, we are publishing a series of posts on home- and remote working. Here we reblog a post from the Global Pathways blog in which she reflects on her experience of remote working.

It has been about four months since I transitioned to being a remote employee, working from my home office in Northern California with the closest office about two and a half hours away. As a part of my company’s workplace transformation efforts, our CEO would like to see 50% of his workforce remote by 2020. Why? Because according to our workplace website:

Flexibility is a key aspect of Dell’s business strategy that enables us to compete for the best talent…As part of our People Strategy, Dell flexible work options encourages employees to find new ways to work, and focuses on driving business results rather than looking at where work is done.

For me, being able to contribute as a remote employee is empowering. When life changes came my way, in this case moving out of Silicon Valley for a more affordable life, my company supported me through the ability to…

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