Working from home: does it matter what you wear?

Anthony Haynes writes: This week has been designated Working from Home Week. I asked FJ Wilson Talent Services (FJWTS) colleagues what issues were involved in working from home (Wfh). One issue to emerge was the question of what to wear.

Here, first, are the thoughts of Gill Wilson, one of our candidate interviewers.

Gill Wilson writes: Does it matter what I wear when I am working from home?

Gill Wilson _photo_86Like many people I have been used to dressing for a day at the office and my first response to this question when I started to Wfh was a resounding ‘No’. I could stay in my PJs all day if I liked.

I tried it and discovered that I found that it more difficult to get into work mode if the transition from bed to business was seamless. If I wake up feeling grotty and dress – or not bother to dress at all – then my day becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.  What I wear does influence how I feel and therefore how I act.

Through experimentation I have found that while it doesn’t matter what precisely I wear, my personal uniform for work does need to be different to my nightwear. Dressing for me signals that the workday has started.

008 (5) GillAnthony Haynes continues: Gillie Ritchie, our services delivery executive, confirms the need for professional markers: “Although my ‘working from home’ spot is on the sofa (I live is a really small apartment) I have a small laptop desk and back support set up so that it feels “office like” rather than slouching on the sofa. It’s important for me to shower and get fully dressed (rather that being in PJ’s) — it helps me get the best start to the day and feel professional and productive”.

02And my own approach? I too find that very casual clothing, including nightwear, doesn’t work: it send the wrong signal to the brain. I tend to wear collared shirts. These have the advantage that they can be worn with a tie for Skype meetings. I hate having Skype business meetings unless I’m dressed professionally.


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