Working from home: key themes

Great Wall
Photograph by .Emma Maria Thompson (b. 1865). Image available under Creative Commons licence, via Wikimedia Commons.

Anthony Haynes writes: A few years ago, one day in late February, I found myself walking, as you do, on the Great Wall of China. Alongside me was a guy I hadn’t met before, who by chance ran his own business a few miles from where I lived, in East Anglia, UK.

At the time I was working for a corporation and commuting to London. I asked him how he fared working from home.

He told me three things. First, he felt it essential to have dedicated working space. He’d had an office built in the garden.

Second, he found he could only work in business attire, so every work day he donned a suit and tie.

And, third, before starting the working day, he would drive to the nearby garage store, buy a coffee and a newspaper, drive home and take them from the car to his garden office.

These three points correspond to common themes in discussion of working from home. Starting on Monday, to coincide with Working from Home week, we will be publishing posts to explore each of these themes — space, dress, and productivity tips (rituals, even) — and some additional themes in more detail.

First up will be Gill Wilson, our candidate interviewer, on dress.

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