Working from Home week

02Anthony Haynes writes: Next week (15-21 January, 2018) has been designated Working from Home week. The topic of working from home is one that we see arise frequently in our discussions with both clients and candidates. In fact, the discussions go broader than that — to include working from other remote locations — that is, outside the office and also beyond the home. Perhaps it would have been better to have designated next week Remote Working week?

To mark the occasion we will be publishing several pieces of content on the themes of home- and remote working, including:

  • posts by members of the FJ Wilson Talent Services (FJWTS) team
  • guest posts
  • links to third-party content.

Given that remote working is central to the way that FJWTS operates, I suspect that, on this blog, Working from Home week is more likely to turn into Home- and remote Working month!

We’ve been reviewing online content on other sites with a review to providing links to genuinely helpful pieces. If you would like to suggest any such pieces (or indeed to propose a guest post), you would be welcome to contact me.

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