Misconceptions about Talent Assessments

Anthony Haynes writes: One of the services we provide at FJWTS is assessment. We outlined our work in this area in our interview with Tony Walsh: https://fjwilsontalent.com/2013/09/19/so-who-is-tony-walsh-a-look-behind-the-scenes-in-talent-assessment/.

Here we are pleased to reblog a post from a third party blog, namely Humantelligence. The post outlines unwarranted reasons that prevent employers making more use of talent assessment.

Humantelligence Inc.

Talent assessment is all about managing people, that is, hiring the right person for the right job, evaluating candidates for appraisals, and managing and developing work teams. Though companies have been using talent assessment tools for many years, they still are doubtful about a few aspects. There are a few myths about talent assessment that people have, and they are not true at all.

Here we try to uncover those myths and help you understand the real reasons behind these misconceptions:

  • No value addition: The hiring managers believe that assessments don’t add value to the process, but just elongate the process. Studies suggest that using the right assessment tools help predict job success at a far better rate, compared to any other method. These accurately help find the best-fit candidates for a job position. They not just assess the candidates’ knowledge and skills but test their adaptability and alignment with…

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