Creating inclusive culture: Royal Academy of Engineering report

Anthony Haynes writes: We have two reasons for finding Creating inclusive cultures where all engineers thrive, a study published this autumn by the Royal Academy of Engineering, interesting.

First, we see the development of greater inclusivity as a major way to improve talent management across all the sectors we work in. (We should add that, although the report focuses on engineering, it offers much food for thought for employers in other sectors.) Second, engineering is one of the sectors in which we work for clients.

The report, which is based on a survey responses from over 6,000 engineers, identifies positive aspects of engineering culture. These include safety consciousness, a sense of pride, and loyalty. They also include some factors that, I suggest, might be expected to support an inclusive culture — for example, team orientation, flexibility, and an orientation towards problem-solving.

However, the report also identified areas that seemed to militate against the establishment of an inclusive culture. These include an impersonal feel, an emphasis on tradition, and a lack of clarity regarding career development.

The report identifies potential benefits that stand to accrue from greater inclusiveness. These include benefits to both the individual and the employer. As an example of the latter, respondents suggested that greater inclusiveness makes more employees likely to voice concerns regarding safety.

Finally, Creative inclusive cultures recommends ways to develop greater inclusiveness, including  leverage of the positive features of the extant culture,

The full report (including a one-page executive summary) is available as a PDF for download here: There’s also a summary in the form of a three-minute video here:

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