Accessing a neglected stream of talent

Anthony Haynes writes: As a business situated at the sharp end of organisations’ search for talent, we are well aware that there are areas of shortage — or, at least, apparent shortage — in the labour market. These are especially apparent in London and the South East.

We make a contribution to alleviating these problems by designing talent acquisitions processes designed to uncover passive candidates — that is, people who are not actively looking to apply for a new job but who would be interested were they made aware of an opportunity. It’s not good simply relying on jobs boards!

But, thanks to a brief mention in the Institute of DirectorsDirector magazine, we’ve discovered an innovative solution to the problem of finding talent. ASTRiiD is a not-for-profit business, run by David Shurrs OBE, that aims to help people who are ill to continue to work.

As their web page says, they are “aimed at helping people whose lives are affected by chronic, long term illness and who feel that they no longer have a chance for work as they are unable to commit to a full time or even a regular part time role due to the impact of their medical condition. Yet there are businesses of all sizes, sectors and geographies across the UK that require access to skills in order to grow and prosper.  If we are to unlock the potential of the UK workforce … we must not ignore that huge number of people who still have so much to offer but are discounted due to a medical condition”.

A video explaining their work, and introducing an app developed for ASTRiiD by Salesforce, is available online here:

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