Who is Gillie Ritchie? Behind the scenes in talent acquisition

Anthony Haynes writes:  From time to time on this blog we seek to show what goes on in talent acquisition behind the scenes. We do this in the form of interviews with FJ Wilson Talent Services (FJWTS) staff. Here we’re pleased to publish our latest interview, with Gillie Ritchie.


What is your role at FJWTS?

I help  with service delivery and administration.



What does that work entail?

Ensuring the quality of the FJWTS database, researching sales leads, liaising with candidates and clients concerning the roles FJWTS are recruiting for, and administration. The liaison involves such activities as arranging suitable interview dates and times, sending interview invitations. and answering candidate queries.

What do you enjoy about the work?

The variation — no two days are the same!

My work depends on the roles being recruiting for at the time the main priorities of the day. A priority is ensuring that candidates and clients have all the necessary information to facilitate successful candidate placement.

What is your career story?

I have had a varied career in marketing, interior design, professional organisation, and autobiography interviewing

And what do you like to do outside work?

Music, including live gigs, travel, and yoga and meditation.

On the basis of your work at FJWTS, what single piece of advice would you offer?

Clear requirements and communications from both sides will help to ensure a great candidate/client match.


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