Review of genuinely useful blogs (VII): The Office Blend

Anthony Haynes writes: From time to time on this blog we briefly review other blogs concerning either our core topics of talent acquisition and talent management or allied fields such as human resource management, human capital, career development, and occupational or organisational psychology. Our aim is to discover sources of content that could make a difference.

Today’s selection is The Office Blend, written by a psychologist, Dr Marla Gottschalk.

I find the blog, which is characterised by frequent use of short, digestible, paragraphs, pleasantly unpredictable — perhaps even somewhat quirky, whilst also laced with realism. The focus is on the humanistic side of work and career development.

Sample posts, the titles of which give an indication of the blog’s content areas, include:

Links to other blogs that we’ve reviewed area available on our ‘Online resources‘ page.


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