Diversity & Inclusion – A view from the coalface of recruitment

Anthony Haynes writes: We are pleased to reblog this post from Thomson Keene. The author works in a rather different niche from our own: we specialise in talent acquisition in the professional association, membership organisation, and learning providers sector; Thomson Keene specialises in the financial technology sector.

Nevertheless, despite the differences between our contexts, there are some similarities. In both sectors there is both a need and a desire to ensure that the workforce, particularly in senior roles, is more diverse. The post that we reblog here, therefore, provides useful points for consideration within our sector.

Having worked in financial services technology recruitment since 1995, I have seen many changes in trends and initiatives regarding talent acquisition, shifting priorities with clients constantly assessing their Return on Equity.  One constancy has been diversity.  For over 12 years, partnering with a number of my clients, I have been deeply involved with the diversity and equality initiative.

FTSE 350 boards are targeting to change their gender makeup from 18% to 33% female by 2020.  The challenge is to attract, retain and develop female talent.  A strong advocate of this initiative, as Thomson Keene’s gender diversity champion, I collate intelligence and trends from the market via forums and networks, utilising my longstanding and strong knowledge and contact base as a lynchpin and the go-to person for female talent. We aim to form partnerships with clients, assist them to build a strong gender diversity employer brand, provide them with best in…

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