Remote working: addressing the causes of stress

Anthony Haynes writes: At FJ Wilson Talent Services we’re doubly interested in remote working: (1) many of our membership organisations and learning provides who comprise our clients make extensive use of remote working; and (2) we do ourselves. So we were particularly interested to read a report on the the theme of remote working and, in particular, the problem of stress.

Dealing with the causes of stress in remote teams is written by Siobhan McKeown (building on work by Catalina Alvarez) and published by Human Made. The report — available here as a PDF — is published under a Creative Commons licence.

The following paragraph, taken from the executive summary, explains the basis of the report:

“Research continues to show positive benefits to working remotely, but there are also emergent causes of stress that are unique to remote workers. While factors such as increased flexibility and home-working may reduce some causes of stress, they introduce new stressors that we are only coming to understand more fully. These include challenges brought about by spatial and temporal distance, by cultural and language distance, by electronic dependence, work overload, and work-family conflict.”

I find the report informative, clearly written, and logically developed. The main chapters first outline, one by one, the causes of stress amongst remote workers and then suggest ways of dealing with those causes.

At various points there are links to supporting research. A helpful ‘Resources’ section at the end provides links to further studies.

All of which makes the report genuinely helpful — so we hope this post will help it to reach new readers.


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