Anthony Haynes writes: Two regular themes of our blog are the importance of employer branding and (in part, because of that) of candidate and applicant experience. Here we reblog a practical post from a stimulating HR blog, The Peppy HR Girl, written by Misan Omagbitse.

The Peppy hr girl


For many job applicants, the recruitment and selection process is an introduction of what it might feel like to work at that organization. Studies have shown that applicants who had generally positive reactions during the recruitment process are more inclined to accept job offers with the company.

Organizations must realise that the recruitment process is not limited to determining which candidate gets the job. In actual fact, recruitment is a two-way street. While hiring managers are trying to find the right people for the jobs, applicants on the other hand are similarly assessing the company for value and culture fit. Remarkably, many organizations fail to take into cognizance the applicant’s viewpoint when developing recruitment strategies. This ignorance (intentional or not) often evokes supercilious recruiters who genuinely believe that they are doing the candidate a favour when in fact it is the other way round!

So why should your organization care…

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