Occupational Psychology: So what exactly do you do???

Anthony Haynes writes: From time to time we have featured aspects of occupational psychology on this blog (for example, Talent stories: Saving the world through occupational psychology?), so we were interested to read this post by Maria Garner on her own blog, Musings of an Occ Psych Geek. The post appears in a strand called ‘So you want to be an occ psych?’, which includes several other helpful pieces. They’re informative and serious-minded, but written with a light touch.

We should add that we’re always interested to read accounts of what people actually do in their jobs (as opposed to merely hearing what their responsible for). We’d be happy to publish other such accounts…

Musings of an Occ Psych Geek

what-do-you-doA significant part of my time involves running residential training courses. One of the perks of this is being fed seriously nice hotel food and enjoying very engaging dinner conversations with my delegates.  Recently, one of these conversations revolved around being grilled around “what exactly do you do?”. This, combined with a requirement that morning to clamber over and under several desks in pursuit of persuading my laptop and a projector to play nice with each other, got me thinking about that question.

So for those who’ve come across the term Occupational Psychology but not too sure what it means I thought I’d share my insights. I’d also like to dedicate this blog to my family who have good naturedly faced the ongoing challenge of trying to explain to people what their daughter/sister/niece/cousin does for a living for nearly 15 years.

So what exactly do you do?

In the simplest…

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