Building your employer brand: a prompt

Anthony Haynes writes: As regular readers of this blog will know, I’ve recently been searching for helpful resources on how organisations can develop their employer brand.

During my search I came across a short article by Adrian Kimpton. It is about branding more generally, rather than specifically on employer branding, but it seems to me applies to that too.

The thinking isn’t sophisticated or high-fallutin’ — but everyone I’ve shared it has found in it the same positive qualities that I found when I read it: simplicity, common sense, forthrightness, and practicality. Such qualities are not always found in discussion of brand management!

The article, which is sub-titled ‘a simple ‘how to’ guide to building brand loyalty’ is available from the Cambridge Network website here.

First, though, a word of warning to any readers of this blog who happen to support Tottenham Hotspur: the main title of the article is ‘One nil to the Arsenal’.

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