Update on resources concerning technical ladders

Anthony Haynes writes: Last month we blogged about our hitherto frustrated desire to provide links from our For clients page to good resources about technical ladders. We defined ‘good’ as:

  1. available online
  2. free to the user
  3. crunchy: i.e., that provide firm and precise information or guidance on what to do about developing or exploiting a technical ladder

We’re grateful to readers of this blog for some helpful feedback. Some of the texts we were directed towards fell foul either of criterion 2 (in the case of scholarly journal papers) or criterion 3 (some pieces were in effect corporate advertisements).

We’ve come to the conclusion that there isn’t a whole lot out there. We have, however, identified a couple of suitable links, which we’ve now added to the page.

Thank you for feedback — and do continue to provide if more resources come too light. We can’t help thinking there’s a gap in the market for research and grey literature publishing on this topic.

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