Resources required: Technical ladders

02Anthony Haynes writes: On our For Clients page we list links to online resources on central topics in talent acquisition and management.

One topic we’d like to provide links for is technical ladders. A technical ladder is a career development pathway within an organisation that allows talented specialists to develop their careers, and earning potential, without needing to cross over into management roles.

Examples of such specialists include geologists in oil companies and commissioning editors in publishing houses.

Technical ladders are of interest to members of one of our core markets, namely professional membership bodies.

There’s general agreement that technical ladders have potential in relation to job satisfaction, talent retention, and productivity — yet they are not necessarily easy to develop. We propose, therefore, to devote a section on our For Clients page to the subject. That we haven’t yet published such a section is down to the limited number of good resources we’ve discovered to date.

By ‘good’ in this context we mean resources that are:

  • available online
  • free to the user
  • crunchy: i.e., that provide firm and precise information or guidance on what to do about developing or exploiting a technical ladder

If you have developed, or know of, any such, you’d be very welcome to suggest them to us.

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