Resources required: employer brand

Anthony Haynes writes: On our For Clients page we list links to online resources on central topics in talent acquisition and management.

One such topic is employer branding, concerning the way that organisation develop a reputation, amongst both current and prospective employees, qua employer.

There’s general agreement that employer branding matters (and has often been neglected). But finding good resources on the topic is difficult.

By ‘good’ in this context we mean resources that are:

  • available online
  • free to the user
  • crunchy: i.e., that provide firm and precise information or guidance on what to do about developing an employer brand

We’ve identified some such resources but would like to find some more. If you have developed, or know of, any such, you’d be very welcome to suggest them to us.


Postscript: Our thanks to Tanya Barman and others for responses via social media – we’ve started adding links to the For Clients page above.

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