Talent acquisition and membership bodies: ICE’s Liz Brookfield

On this blog we’ve featured a series of case studies concerning talent acquisition in our core market comprising membership organisations. Here we focus on the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE).

3869312-liz-brookfieldLiz Brookfield is one of the employees that we’re pleased to have placed with ICE. Liz works there as Product Development Manager at NEC Contracts, part of Thomas Telford Ltd, a subsidiary of the ICE.

Liz was working for the Innovation Institute when she was contacted, initially via LinkedIn, by FJWilson Talent Services’ Managing Director, Fiona Wilson. The timing proved happy as Liz had begun to feel it was time to progress her career.

This led to two conversations during which Liz and Fiona worked together to establish the fit between Liz’s talents, career objectives, and the vacancy at ICE.

Liz then submitted her CV.

Most case studies focus on success stories and so one might expect the next stage in this story to be that Liz was duly shortlisted and invited for interview.

She wasn’t. Liz’s application didn’t make the cut.

This is where there was a twist. Because of her understanding of the role, alongside her understanding of Liz’s work experience and attributes, Fiona was confident that Liz was a strong candidate and so discussed the shortlisting decision with ICE. Much to their credit, ICE exhibited flexibility by inviting Liz to interview.

Fiona then supported Liz in preparing for the interview, including a discussion and coaching session on how to deal with the nerves that an interview tends to set off.

After the first interview had gone well, Liz was invited to a second. Again Fiona helped with the preparation. Liz had the confidence to abandon PowerPoint. Instead she gave her presentation as if it were a meeting with interviewees, talking them through a carefully prepared handout.

Liz generously offered some thoughts of her experience of FJWilson Talent Services. She had experienced agencies before and was disillusioned by them – especially by the lack of feedback they provided. In contrast – we are delighted to report – Liz found our service ‘really supportive’: the experience ‘restored [her] faith in recruitment agencies’.


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