Talent acquisition and membership bodies: ICE’s Joanne Phillips

On this blog we’ve featured a series of case studies concerning talent acquisition in our core market comprising membership organisations. Here we focus on the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE).

Joanne Phillips is one of the employees that we’re pleased to have placed at ICE. Joanne works there as Professional Conduct Manager.

Prior to working at ICE, Joanne worked as a case worker at an anti-poverty charity called Z2K. Before that she worked for several years for the Law Society. This gave her extensive experience of working in a regulatory context.

Joanne has kindly reflected on her experience of being recruited to ICE, highlighting in particular the ways in which she interacted with FJWilson Talent Services (‘FJWTS’) during the process.

The first stage was an hour-long Skype conversation with FJWTS’ CEO, Fiona Wilson. Fiona went through the details of the job and found out about Joanne’s experience. According to Joanne, the process was very rigorous in going through every aspect of the job description.

Next, Joanne’s application was submitted to ICE for consideration. This led to two interviews in the same week, after which she heard that she had been successful. To ICE’s credit, Joanne found she actually enjoyed the interview process, which was more conversational than the typical Q&A. This interview style enhanced the appeal of ICE as a prospective employer.

During the process of application and interview, it was evident to the candidate that Fiona was in touch with the employer on a daily basis. The FJWTS team kept Joanne informed and provided the right details for preparing for and attending the interviews: FJWTS ‘took the strain out of the process’.

In the following period, between offer and commencement, the FJWTS team maintained regular contact, ensuring that Joanne had received, completed and returned the relevant paperwork. ‘FJWTS made sure that everything kept flowing.’

Once in post, Joanne found that, though the subject matter differed from her previous job, working in the regulatory field proved ‘fascinating from the get-go’: each case at ICE is ‘varied and unique’.

Joanne generously volunteered some comments to summarise her experience of working with FJWilson Talent Services, which she found ‘quite different’ from other talent acquisition agencies in the sector:

At FJWTS, there was much more hands-on involvement at every stage. There was a caring element to it, which helped to make the whole process extremely pleasant and stress-free. I wasn’t left on my own, wondering what’s happening.

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