Why seasonal hiring has no place in your holiday hiring strategy

Anthony Haynes writes: One of the blogs we’ve featured on FJ Wilson Talent is Ceridian’s. Here we reblog a post on Ceridian by Maurice Fernandes. We find that each of the points it makes — for example, that ‘interviews stay with people’ — harmonises with our thinking and our experience.

Ceridian - Transforming Human Capital Management

By Maurice Fernandes, Manager of Employment Brand & Social Media, Ceridian

The truth is, you shouldn’t hire seasonally, you should hire to last.

When it comes to talent management tips, we’ve heard it all before: Start recruiting early. Focus in on students and retirees. Use better screening processes. There are about a million articles out there about seasonal hiring and they all seem to re-iterate these same ideas in a similar way. You should treat every candidate that walks into your store as a future leader of your organization, a respected alumni, and a life-long customer. Here’s why:

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