Moving quickly in recruitment: AAT’s Lea Watson

Anthony Haynes writes: FJWilson Talent Services (FJWTS) have worked with the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) since 2012, initially focusing on a number of new, regional and field-based business development roles.  Here we publish the latest in the resultant series of case studies.


In conversation with Lea Watson, Regional Account Manager, South Wales and South West, AAT

Anthony Haynes writes:  Lea was recruited by FJWilson Talent Services (FJWTS) in 2013 to cover a maternity leave. Her post at AAT was later made permanent. Lea was impressed by the speed of her appointment, facilitated by FJWTS’s well-informed approach.

In Lea’s words:

Contacted by FJWTS

I was working on a maternity-cover contract when Fiona Wilson got in touch via LinkedIn about the temporary AAT post. I knew I’d be looking for work once my contract ended so I agreed to a telephone conversation – which turned out to be an in-depth interview over the phone about the kind of person I am so Fiona could see if I would fit in the AAT team.

I then sent in my CV and had a couple of conversations with Fiona about how to present it – she gave invaluable pointers in terms of what AAT would like to see.

The interview process

I was invited to interview and beforehand had a couple of telephone conversations with FJWTS about what to expect.

There was a fast turn-around – I found out I’d been called for a second interview on the train home from the first.

FJWTS gave me really good information for the second interview: advice on what AAT might expect and require. I had to give a presentation on how I might take the job forward in the first 90 days. Fiona advised me to keep the presentation succinct as she knew the interviewers wouldn’t want reams and reams of detail.

Again I found out that I’d been successful on the return train journey home. I had the impression AAT wanted to appoint someone quickly and, in fact, the whole process, from first contact to being appointed, only took two weeks.

Final thoughts

Fiona knows her clients very well and knew exactly what AAT were seeking – and what they needed. The process was very straightforward. It was nice to get the phone call in the first place, and it was clear Fiona had done a lot of research beforehand. I found the experience working with FJWTS excellent and very positive.

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