Would this be the right team for me? AAT’s Tamsyn Hammond on the candidate’s experience

Anthony Haynes writes: FJWilson Talent Services (FJWTS) have worked with the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) since 2012, initially focusing on a number of new, regional and field-based business development roles.  Here we publish the latest in the resultant series of case studies.


In conversation with Tamsyn Hammond, Regional Account Manager, London North, AAT

BusinessPhotoWe interviewed Tamsyn a couple of months into her new post at AAT. When FJWilson Talent Services (FJWTS) contacted her about the position, Tamsyn was working as a business development manager for a chamber of commerce. Here she reflects on how excellent support from FJWTS helped her land a role which is well matched to her strengths and preferred style of working.

The approach from FJWTS

I wasn’t actively looking for work when Fiona Wilson got in touch via LinkedIn, although I felt I wasn’t going to remain much longer where I was. The role at AAT that Fiona outlined struck a chord and I thought ‘that looks good, I like that’. I updated my CV, giving Fiona two versions, and Fiona advised on some changes to bring out additional key strengths in relation to the role I was applying for.

The interview experience

After being shortlisted Fiona and I had a couple of Skype conversations about what to expect in the interview. It was so helpful, as Fiona was focussing on putting myself in the best light for AAT. Dilly Clack was great too. She sent me a good luck text on the day and then arranged to speak to me after the interview.

Before the first interview I was quite keen to get the job but during it, I realised I really wanted it. My interviewer (Martin Hanratty) and I were comparing business models and I had a light bulb moment where I realised I absolutely wanted to work for AAT.

A couple of days later I found out that I’d got through to the second interview for which I had to prepare a paper presentation, not PowerPoint, which I found unnerving. Fiona was very helpful and discussed the content of the presentation with me over Skype. In addition to the presentation, there were lots of probing questions and, happily, no awful moments. Fiona gave me feedback from the interview as well as letting me know I’d got the job.

Starting in the new job

I love it. I feel trusted to do my job and I can use my brain. I’m not micro-managed but there’s always help available. The team is fantastic. My work/life balance is so much better than before.

Final thoughts

Working with FJWTS was an amazing experience. Fiona really wanted me to get the job and she invested personally in making it happen. I was well prepared throughout the process and knew what was coming. Having support from FJWTS took the pressure off. Fiona knows AAT really well and everything she said about it and the team was true.

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