Spotlight: Can Exit Interviews Really Improve Employee Retention?

Anthony Haynes writes: Exit interviews are a widespread feature of the human resources landscape. This post, reblogged from Nina Seenanden’s blog, has some helpful things to say about them. But the real strength of the article lies in its exploration of a less known feature, namely stay interviews…

Neela Seenandan's blog

Creating an effective employee retention program depends on a number of factors, from the culture of a company to the expectations of its employees. The ideal program is likely significantly different from company to company. To understand how to develop a more effective program, companies should ask the employees themselves.

All companies will lose employees. But, to lower attrition rates, it is important to understand why employees leave and make changes based on this knowledge. An excellent tool for learning why employees choose to leave is the exit interview.

Companies should never assume that they know the reason employees leave. In reality, the reasons that employees leave are incredibly diverse and always changing. However, exit interviews give important insight into the employee mindset and help human resources departments meet the constantly changing expectations of the workforce.

What to Ask during an Exit Interview

interviewExit interviews can be a powerful tool…

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