Hiring and firing of football managers (2): managing the talent managers

In my previous post on this subject I pointed out that — whatever else they are — football managers are talent managers.

In addition, of course, football managers are themselves talents. It follows that they too require talent management.

Is it at all probable that talent management can be conducted effectively by relying on one main instrument (that is, firing)?

If so, the managing director or chief executive who keeps firing managers should surely him- or herself get fired for inadequate talent management — something that rarely happens.

Yet the point of this post is not to call for the mass firing of football executives.

That’s because effective talent management can’t be conducted by relying on one instrument.

In the burgeoning professional and scholarly literature on talent management, there’s much disagreement about the best ways of managing talent — but nobody argues that it can be done with one lever.

It follows that any club asking itself, ‘Do we need a new manager?’ needs also to ask, ‘Do we need a better way of managing our talent (team) manager?’

Next (and final) post in the mini-series, Tuesday 15 March): ‘Talent acquisition’.


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