The Top 8 Things Keeping Talent Acquisition Leaders Awake at Night?

Anthony Haynes writes: Here we reblog, from hrandtalent, a post from Simon Parkin of The Talent Company listing talent acquirers’ concerns. The list was compiled originally for Canadian hirers, but we recognise many of these points in a UK context.


teamwork business concept - cube assembling from blocks

As a former Talent Acquisition leader from a global Fortune 100 company and now an advisor to a large number of organizations around the globe on their recruitment strategies, programs and practices, I spend a great deal of my time meeting, networking and connecting with Talent Acquisition leaders on a daily basis.  I am fortunate to be exposed to many of the top Talent Acquisition thought leaders around the globe and am always keeping my ear to the ground on the latest Recruitment trends, challenges and best practices.

As part of The Talent Company’s core business and our continued commitment to elevate the Talent Acquisition function to higher standards of performance and professionalism, my colleagues and I were very excited to produce an in-depth study, our Pulse on Talent Acquisition.  Over the past 4 months, The Talent Company’s research team, met with 155 Talent Acquisition Leaders from across Canada within…

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