How to give a presentation: (11) background

One of the services that FJWilson Talent Services offers is presentation training. Here our presentation coach, Anthony Haynes, gives the eleventh in a series of concise, practical, tips.

anthony_haynes bnu cropped


If you are using slides or some other visual aid, such as a poster, there is a decision to be made, namely what colour should the background be?

The most common choice, especially for slides, is white.

I say ‘choice’, but I suspect this often isn’t a genuine choice: rather, presenters simply conform to the default option.

The problem is, white isn’t usually optimal. White tends to be garish.

Experiment with a different background. For example, a very pale yellow or grey.

I say ‘very pale’ because the aim here isn’t to draw attention to the use of colour. The aim is simply to provide a more comfortable reading experience. A pale tone that your audience barely notices, and that sets off the text nicely, is optimal.

Next in the series: against headings.


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