Review of genuinely helpful blogs: (2) Parkside Consulting Group’s reviews

Anthony Haynes writes: This post is the second in our occasional series of reviews of blogs that we find helpful — and that we think may be of interest to our stakeholders too.

Parkside Consulting Group is a Chicago-based talent management consultancy that, according to its website, ‘uses strategic HR consulting strategies to identify the source of obstruction that is holding your company back’.

It very helpfully publishes a ‘Featured book of the month’ blog. Each post reviews a book in the area of human resources, talent management, and leadership.

Books reviewed to date include:

  • Rodd Wagner, Widgets: the 12 new rules for managing your employees as if they’re real people
  • Patrick Antrim, 7 talent strategies for high performing teams
  • Edgar H. Schein, The corporate culture survival guide

Perhaps unsurprisingly, they haven’t managed to post a review every month — but the reviews to date have been concise and informative. As a result, I find the blog simultaneously

  1. alerts the reader to new reading matter
  2. helps the reader to keep abreast of ideas.

The blog’s published here.



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