Review of genuinely helpful blogs: (1) WonkComms

Anthony Haynes writes: This post is the first in a new, occasional, series of reviews of blogs that we find helpful — and that we think may be of interest to our stakeholders too.

First up is WonkComms, a blog devoted to helping think tanks to improve their communications. This may seem an odd choice: typically our clients are professional associations, membership organisations, and learning providers, rather than think tanks.

But think tanks have much in common with many of our clients. For example, they are likely not to be private, for-profit, companies; they deal with complex information, and their brand value depends on conveying professionalism. It follows that learning about good practice in think tank communications is likely to be of value in our clients’ sectors.

On the WonkComms website, the tag cloud helps to identify the content most likely to be of value for comparable sectors. For example:

  • clicking on ‘publications’ brings links to such stories as an account of the media campaign surrounding the Institution of Mechanical Engineers’ Global Food: Waste Not, Want Not report;
  • clicking on ‘stories’ brings a link to an account of an effective comms technique known as ‘photovoice‘, as employed by Shibaji Bose of the Indian Institute of Health Management Research;
  • clicking on ‘digital communications’ brings a link to an account of how The Century Foundation moved from PDF-based to web-based publication.

I’ve followed the blog since its launch in 2013 and have found it consistently constructive in its tone.

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