How to research a prospective employer: Step 1 – analysing the website

Anthony Haynes writes: Whether you are preparing to apply for a job or simply deciding whether to do so, our experiences of working with candidates suggest that it’s worth investing time in doing your homework. In particular, it’s worth researching the employer so as to develop a 360 degree picture of them. Each day this week we are publishing a practical tip for doing so.

Step 1: Read the boring parts of the employer’s website.

Most organisation’s sites are customer-orientated: they emphasise what it the organisation has to offer to would-be customers or clients. But usually, tucked away somewhere, is information for or about other stakeholders. These might include:

  • suppliers
  • the media
  • the community
  • the state.

The environment too is a kind of stakeholder.

Simply finding out whether, and how far, the website provides for these stakeholders tells you something about the organisation’s approach to stakeholder management.

But in addition, this information helps you to:

  • assess the organisation. Organisations are only as strong as their supply chains. And an organisation’s reputation depends in part on who it deals with.
  • identify other possible sources of information — for example, what can you learn about the organisation from its suppliers?

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