Building talent for growth through flexible working – Part two

Anthony Haynes writes: In this reblogged post , originally published as a guest post on Equiteq Edge, recruitment consultants Capability Jane outline the benefits, to small or medium-sized organisations, of flexible working.

Equiteq Edge

Flexible working crop

In a previous blog from flexible recruitment specialists Capability Jane, they examined how the world of work is changing. This week they’re looking at five ways in which flexible working can benefit smaller to mid-sized consultancies.

1. The labor market demographic is changing

As the labor market demographic changes so too do the needs and desires of the workforce. For non-millennials (those born before 1980), control over work, development opportunities and pay are the key drivers for work satisfaction. Millennials on the other hand (born after 1980) have different requirements. As they invariably work with less job security, retire later and do so with or without a pension, their attitudes to work have changed significantly.

PwC’s recent global generational study found that millennial employees are unconvinced that excessive work demands are worth the sacrifices to their personal life. Millennials value work/life balance and they place a high priority on…

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