The new membership mindset: MemCom 2015

Anthony Haynes writes: Today to MemCom 2015 for the launch of a report from Precedent entitled The new membership mindset: redefining the member experience with impact.

anthony_haynes bnu croppedWhen I attend a conference, I accumulate lots of printed material, which I look at and, for the most part, bin on the train journey back. That Precedent’s report survived the cull was down to two reasons:

1. Unlike a lot of grey literature, it was well published: dinky format; bold, colourful, design; large, readable, stylish front surrounded by plenty of white space; and direct, pared down, writing. I mention all this because there was a certain amount of negativity at the conference about the role of print — but the value of print does rather depend on the quality of the product. Here the intelligent editorial control served to show that communication isn’t ‘all about content’: form and presentation matter too.

2. The content itself is, in my judgement, strong. For a shortish document, the content is rather wide-ranging. And it’s all very forthright and crunchy. You might take issues with the views expressed, but at least it’s clear what the views are and they do deal with things that matter.

Highlights include:

A. A mental experiment: what would you do if you could start a membership organisation from scratch? In the form of a low chart, the report proposes 15 step course of action.

B. A list of the ten barriers facing the majority of membership organisations.

C. The IMPACT acronym, where the letters stand for the following actions, each of which is outlined: Insight; Map; Prioritise; Assemble; Create; Test.

Overall, a useful publication.Copies are available from Precedent’s website.

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