From lack of data to the problem of plenty – the new talent management challenge

Anthony Haynes writes: Phrases such as ‘analytics’, ‘stats’, and ‘data management’ used to be reserved largely to technical and scientific context. They’ve now become very widespread. They certainly feature more frequently now in talent management. But the growth in interest in this area brings some challenges. Here we reblog a post by Satish Salivati, originally published on ‘Talent analytics demystified’, that itemises those challenges.

Talent Analytics demystified

From lack of data to the problem of plenty – the new talent management challenge

Taking decisions based on data has always been a best practice, but the problem till recently has been ‘lack of data’ or ‘not enough data’ to enable good decisions. With quantification of talent management practices taking centre stage, the need for the right data has become paramount. With every HR professional gearing up for a data-driven HR practice and with the explosion of data analytics processes, there is a need to pause and consider the need to manage data properly and be mindful of problems due to data overload.

A small example (unrelated to HR but still relevant) is with reference to career planning. A middle school student till about 10-15 years back only knew about a few career options (even though there were plenty of options available) and suffered from a ‘lack of information’ syndrome. Today with Google and other search engines, the amount of information available on career…

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