Designing a successful induction programme: the sixth in the FJWilson ‘Talent acquisition’ series

FJW coutts-4106-C-500pxFiona Wilson, Managing Director of FJWilson, writes: This week’s resource suggests a series of steps to help ensure that, when your new recruits take up their roles, they get off to a good start

  1. Facilitate a smooth start by ensuring that practical matters – for example, the provision of an email address, telephone line, and IT equipment – are in place before the recruit’s first day.
  2. Before the recruit starts, send an itinerary indicating, for example, any visits to other locations. This will help them plan their schedules around their work commitments.
  3. When the recruit starts, introduce them to other members of the team and wider organisation. Wherever possible, do this in person rather than merely via email.
  4. Arrange meetings for the recruit with key personnel to take place during the first fortnight.
  5. Consider scheduling time to be spent by the recruit shadowing an experienced colleague in a comparable role – especially if external meetings are involved.
  6. Provide the recruit with a buddy.
  7. For customer-facing roles, introduce the recruit to clients by providing a bio.
  8. Analyse the job specification and identify the recruit’s learning needs. What do they need to know or understand? What do they need to be able to do – including operation of databases or IT systems?
  9. Also invite the recruit to suggest what they would like to be covered in their induction.
  10. Then schedule learning sessions and review sessions to assess learning.
  11. Establish the key performance indicators (KPIs) to be used for reviewing the first 90 days.
  12. Schedule regular meetings with the recruit’s line manager to assess progress.
  13. Ditto, meetings with HR. Use these to diagnose any areas of concern and if necessary develop an action plan.
  14. Consider providing an external executive coach.

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