Successful on-boarding: the pre-start phase: the fifth in the FJWilson ‘Talent acquisition’ series

FJW coutts-4106-C-500pxFiona Wilson, MD of FJWilson, writes: This week’s resource suggests a series of steps to help ensure that, by the time your new recruits start in their new roles, they’ve been well prepared.

  1. Successful on-boarding of new appointments begins with the candidate’s experience at interview. See our guide to providing great candidate experiences here.
  2. Where the recruit is working out a notice period with the previous employer, find ways to continue to engage with the recruit during that period – for example, send a link to some helpful online material…
  3. …or news from the organisation they are joining – for example, press releases about new ventures.
  4. But if you have used a recruitment agent, do first agree with the agent the best way to communicate with the recruit in order to avoid duplication.
  5. After the paperwork has been completed, consider offering the recruit a ‘meet the team’ opportunity before they start.
  6. Once you have prepared an induction plan for the recruit (i.e. a plan for once they have started work at your organisation), share that plan before the recruit starts. If the induction plan is likely to involve travel or nights away from home, do this as early as possible.

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