Retaining Great People

Anthony Haynes writes: Here on FJWilson Talent we’re in the process of publishing practical resources on talent acquisition for employers. I was interested therefore to read a similar kind of resource from Karen Gately, a blogger who writes consistently well on HR. here we reblog a post from her blog, We certainly agree with Ms Gately that successful retention policies begin with the recruitment process.

Karen Gately

Staff retention is an important issue for all businesses; it’s hard enough to find good people, without losing them sooner than you want to.  Undesirable turnover has many detrimental consequences not least of which is lost productivity and money.  Contemplate for a moment the amount of money you invest hiring and training staff.   Not all of these costs are as visible as recruitment and training fees – in many cases the big cost is in the time managers and colleagues spend getting the new hire up to speed.  Then there’s the time and money spent growing capabilities over time that simply walk out the door when someone resigns.   High turnover can negatively impact the perceptions that other staff have of your business and can result in those left behind having to carry a greater load while you search for a replacement.

To keep great people it is critical that you…

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