A simple tip for interviewees

Anthony Haynes writes: Here’s a very simple tip for when you’re attending an interview. It’s based on my experience and worked for me — hope it does for you too.

When you’re attending an interview perhaps informal, meetings — it’s very easy to lose sight of the big picture. You give your full attention to the people you’re talking to. You think carefully about each question and try to answer it answer it to the best of your ability. It’s quite possible to do all this and somehow to convey the things about yourself that you really needed to communicate.

My solution is simply to take with me a piece of card – a blank postcard or index card. On one side of the card, I write three words or phrases, summarising three of my qualities. (For example: ‘resourceful’; ‘energetic’; ‘communicative’.)

On the other side, I write a word or phrase evoking my self-image. (For example: ‘creative professional’).

I keep the card somewhere easily accessible. And I refer to the card several times — on the way to the interview, waiting in reception, and so on — in order to bring its contents into the front of my mind. That way, I have found I do actually manage (for better or worse!) to communicate my identity and what I have to offer.

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