How to develop a healthy career: the one-stop solution

Anthony Haynes writes: Last October (Alison France’s story) we introduced Alison France,  our Head of Coaching and Leadership Development. One of Alison’s key interests is the question of how to develop a healthy career. We asked her to tell us more about this theme.


Alison France writes: How can you develop a healthy career?

Alison-1Problem-based blog posts typically offer a five-point solution. This one’s much simpler. It proposes one solution, namely:


The difficult thing is knowing what that it is that makes you feel good − and then being disciplined enough to do it.

You can raise your awareness of what makes you feel good can by becoming more mindful.

Too often we are rushing from one thing to another, with no awareness of the impact on us or those around us.  It’s no surprise therefore that mindfulness is becoming a popular option to put people back in touch with their own bodies and emotions.

Once you raise your awareness you can understand which activities help you feel good.  We all have natural talents. When combined, these will enable you to identify jobs and organisations that make you happy.

There are other options to facilitate this, such as strengths-based personality questionnaires.

Then you need, first, to believe that you deserve to be happy and then become disciplined enough to follow your dreams.  Your thoughts are powerful forces which can stop you from making changes − even those you know will lead to happiness.

A little (CBT) cognitive behavioural therapy to combat these unhelpful beliefs along with some neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) to create a positive vision of success (just as those winning athletes do) will help build healthy habits.

For the complete, holistic, approach, when you’re working for your ideal employer in the job that makes you happy to get up in the morning, you need to ensure you have the energy to deliver the best of yourself.

‘Eat well’, ‘sleep well’ and ‘relax’ are all things the doctors have been telling us for years.  Now it’s time to look after your body, mind and spirit, in a way that suits you. So what are you waiting for?  Go do it!

And, if you’re like most of us and need a little support to achieve this, do take a look at our bespoke coaching which will help set you on the right path for you.  You can find more information at or email

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