The FJWilson interview trilogy, part three: Questions for interview preparation

Anthony Haynes writes: At FJWilson we’re in the process of producing a series of practical resources on talent acquisition and management. Some of them are designed for employers and some for candidates. This week’s post provides an example of the latter. It constitutes the third part of our Interview trilogy, which overall  provides advice on:

  1. how to prepare for an interview;
  2. what to do on the day of the interview;
  3. what to do in the interview itself.

The resources, which will be available in print as well as online, are intended to be selective and crunchy — they aim to provide firm and succinct advice on the points that we think matter first.

We hope you’ll find the following helpful — and if you have any comments or suggestions on how to develop the resource, you’re welcome to post them.


Sample questions

The following questions can be used to help prepare for your interview. They represent a selection of the questions most typically asked of the candidates we place.

  1. What do you understand about the role that you have applied for?
  2. Why are you looking to leave you current role?
  3. What attracts you to/excites you about this role?
  4. What attracts you to working for this employer?
  5. How does your CV match up with our requirements?
  6. And how can you transfer your skills and learning to this role?
  7. If we were to ask your previous work colleagues, how would they describe you?
  8. What do you think would be the most challenging aspect about this role and how would you overcome that challenge?
  9. Why are you a great candidate for this role?
  10. How does this role fit in with your career trajectory? What role would you aspire to after this one?
  11. How do you keep up to date with developments your field/area/profession/industry/markets?
  12. What areas do you think our business should target for growth? Why?

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