The FJWilson interview trilogy, part two: Before and after your interview

Anthony Haynes writes: At FJWilson we’re in the process of producing a series of practical resources on talent acquisition and management. Some of them are designed for employers and some for candidates. This week’s post provides an example of the latter. It constitutes the second part of our Interview trilogy, which overall  provides advice on:

  1. how to prepare for an interview;
  2. what to do on the day of the interview;
  3. what to do in the interview itself.

The resources, which will be available in print as well as online, are intended to be selective and crunchy — they aim to provide firm and succinct advice on the points that we think matter first.

We hope you’ll find the following helpful — and if you have any comments or suggestions on how to develop the resource, you’re welcome to post them.


On the day of the interview: the before and after

  1. Dress to impress.
  2. Take a notebook with you, containing a list of up to half a dozen questions that you may wish to ask the employer.
  3. But avoid asking about the pension scheme, holiday entitlement etc. – in an interview that bores everyone and in any case you can get the information via HR or your recruitment agency, which is the more professional way.
  4. Ensure you know the correct location. Note that some employers have more than one site within the same city.
  5. Have all the relevant contact details to hand in case of delay or mishap. Ensure your phone’s charged and in credit.
  6. Ensure you arrive in good time, with at least 10 minutes to spare. Not only do you not want to be late: you also don’t want to appear flustered, panicky, or out of breath.
  7. Before you enter the employer’s premises, ensure all your mobile devices are turned off.
  8. And keep them turned off. Give your attention instead to the environment – what clues about the employer does it provide? − and be ready to greet your host without the distraction of gadgets.Throughout your visit, give your full attention to the employer.
  9. Afterwards, send an email. Thank them for the interview and re-affirm your interest and enthusiasm. If the opportunity came to you via a recruitment agency, send the message via them.


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