A Low Cost Employer Brand Strategy idea

Anthony Haynes writes: I read many blog posts on the topics of talent acquisition or talent management. Or, rather, I start reading many posts — but give up on many well before the end. Often this is because the thinking in the posts is woolly. So I tend to notice when a post providing a detailed, concrete, treatment comes along.

And I particularly like it when the main idea is simple and operable.

This post, written by Martin Shaw and reblogged from shaw64blog, ticks all those boxes.


Let’s Turn The Company Newsletter (NL) in to An Employer Branding & Talent Engaging Masterpiece!

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For many SME’s and all larger Corporate’s, as they grow they soon find the need to pass on information to their employees and no matter the company’s internal skill level it’s a good bet that the idea of creating a periodical newsletter is one of the main ways they look to communicate what’s happening – the great the good the social and the fun, throughout the organisation.

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