The AAT’s Rob Alder: talent and membership organisations

Anthony Haynes writes: I am delighted to introduce Rob Alder (AAT), who kindly agreed to be interviewed in the latest of our series of features on membership bodies and talent management.


Rob_Alder_0845Rob, what kind of organisation is the AAT?

The AAT is the UK’s leading qualification and membership body for vocational accountants.

It’s a great place to work: it feels open and friendly. Everyone is committed to our members.


What do you do at the AAT?

As Business Development Manager, my aim is to grow the AAT’s membership.

I lead four teams dedicated to this aim.

Naturally, part of my working day is spent in meetings – but I also get out of the office to support our leading training providers, which I enjoy doing.


What about recruitment in your sector: what kinds of skills, qualities, etc. are becoming more important?

The essential skill is the ability to communicate effectively in a range of media.

Linked to this, it’s also necessary to have a clear, up-to-date, understanding of the external market, which is constantly changing.

Prospective employees need to have the right attitude – they need to want to learn and to have the confidence to take on responsibility.


And once people start working for AAT?

Training is encouraged and staff development is important.

Six of my team have been promoted to new roles in recent times: we find it important to have a good mix of internal expertise, whilst bringing in new blood with a wider experience across a team.

The AAT has always encouraged flexible working and this is an important part of the employment mix.

With new technology, more organisations should embrace the possibilities as it is a good way to retain staff and to encourage talented staff to join an organisation.


And when you’re not at work, what do you like doing?

Most of my time is spent with my family as I have two young children, but I do find time to play cricket for my local team (I bowl slow-medium and bat erratically at number 7).

I am a very big Derby County Fan − hence why our regional team is called the RAMS (Derby’s nickname is the Rams)!

I enjoy playing golf and tennis and am about to embark on my first half-marathon this month.

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