Consultant, Contractor, Temp – All the Same, Right? – Part II

Anthony Haynes writes: In ‘Consultant, contractor, temp — all the same, right?’, Cassandra John seeks to establish criteria for distinguishing three types of workers. This is helpful: I have found some mangers’ use of this terminology rather fuzzy. On its own, however, the question of taxonomy is rather academic. What interested me more — and made me decide to reblog it here — is that John then links the question to issues of talent acquisition and management — an original and thought-provoking twist.

Cassandra John

In the last posting we got into the nitty-gritty about what made a consultant a consultant. Today, we’re going to talk about their often confused counterparts: the contractor and temps, but also about why this matters and how it all fits together.

If you look at the previous posting, I listed three specific things which helped you determine whether or not you had a management consultant on your hand or something else. Lists and bullets are nice, but you know what’s better? Tables and grids!

Types of Non-Perm Resources

[1] This is not supposed to serve as the be-all-and-end-all of determining all types of resource, permanent, SOW-based, contingent, etc.,
[2] This is an attempt at general classification – the reality is that lines do blur.

Does it really matter?
One could argue that while the above is nice information to have, it doesn’t matter all that much. The reality is that a…

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