The top 10 workplace trends for 2014: good news or bad?

Anthony Haynes writes: Robin Madell, in an article posted on Money Careers, outlines this year’s top 10 workplace trends according to China Gorman, best on research into the well-known ‘best places to work’ list. Madell’s article is available here:!.

Many of the trends identified sound like good news for employees. For example, one such trend is ‘Wellness matters’ — healthy employees tend to be more productive, so the best employers may be expected to promote employees health, for example by providing healthier canteen food or incentivising regular screening.

But hidden amongst the encouraging trends is one less welcome, namely the further development of ‘always on’ work environments, in which technology pushes us still further towards 24/7 availability. Gorman says, according to Madell, “that while some workplaces are instituting practices that help to preserve work-life balance, it has largely become the responsibility of employees to advocate for themselves in this arena”.

This sounds both credible and, frankly, nightmarish. And difficult to reconcile with the concern for employees’ health — 24/7 availability can hardly be good for you.

We’d really like to hear more about ways to manage or regulate this trend. If you’ve found any practices that work, whether from the point of view of the manager, employer, or employee, do please share…

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