6 Essential Steps for Corporate Talent Acquisition Planning

Anthony Haynes writes: We’re pleased to reblog this post by Michael Miller from his recruiting blog. It’s designed to help smaller companies compete against larger ones in terms of recruitment. It struck us as a neat, well-organized, commonsensical resource for HR departments.

Michael Miller Recruiting Blog

By Michael Miller


Corporate talent acquisition departments usually go through an annual process of strategically planning for the upcoming year.  Small to mid-sized organizations are often competing against recruiting departments from major corporations with a lot more resources, the following is a step-by-step guide to help these small to mid-sized firms in their strategic planning.

1) Analyze Data
Review the recruiting data looking for relationships, trends and patterns. It’s always important to analyze data for the recruiting function but going through the strategic planning process for the first time makes a thorough examination even more critical. There are plenty of ways to measure the recruiting function such as source of hires, cost-per-hire / cost-per-hire by source, percentage of openings/FTE, time-to-fill, conversion ratios for the ‘recruiting funnel’, but the most overlooked metric that every company should track Is QoH.

2) Evaluate Staff & Stakeholders
An evaluation of the recruiting team…

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