Useful tool for discovering HR content (from @dds180)

humane-resourcedAnthony Haynes writes: Humane, Resourced, edited by David D’Souza, is a simple and useful digital resource for discovering sources of commentary on human resource matters. The ebook’s sub-title, A book of blogs, tells you pretty much what you need to know: the book anthologies posts from over fifty HR blogs.

The text, almost inevitably, is a jumble of assorted topics and styles. I found it useful, perhaps not so much for the content of the post’s themselves, but as a shop window for discovering blogs to explore.

For example, I now follow @AnneTynan, who blogs on diversity — having discovered read her post ‘Disabled HR professionals = an enabled human resources profession’ in this book.

Similarly, I have started following @Alex_Moyle after reading the post, ‘How enhanced sales skills can improve an HR career’.

And Simon Heath’s glossary, written in the tradition of Ambrose Bierce’s Devil’s dictionary (in which you say what words really mean, rather than what they’re supposed to mean’) is diverting. For example, Heath glosses ’80/20 rule’ as ‘What you invoke to excuse yourself from reading the whole report’.

The book’s available from Amazon’s Kindle store free of charge.

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