What are the key competencies of recruitment consultants?

Anthony Haynes writes: What competencies does an effective recruitment consultant require?

In an excellent series of posts on Connemara UK, Angela Cripps attempts to answer this question. She frames her answer in terms of competencies, of which she identifies twelve:

  1. Planning;
  2. Monitoring;
  3. Analysing;
  4. Identifying sales opportunities;
  5. Meeting goals;
  6. Building profitability;
  7. Communication;
  8. Responding to team priorities;
  9. Developing others;
  10. Developing long-term customer relationships;
  11. Maintaining high performance;
  12. Perseverance.

A blog post providing an overview of the above list is available here: http://connemarauk.wordpress.com/2013/05/22/8-the-key-competencies-of-a-recruitment-consultant/.

The above list is a good one Certainly, it would be difficult to argue that any of these competencies were unimportant.

And yet, we find that if we apply the list to our work at FJWilson, it doesn’t entirely capture our key competencies.

In next week’s post we’ll attempt to outline what we find missing from the Connemara UK list. In the meantime, we’d welcome your views on the present list: how accurate, helpful, adequate or complete do you find it?


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