Curating content on training, learning, and development: Training and Learning Digest

Anthony Haynes writes: The good news is, there’s no shortage of content being published on social media about training, learning, and development. The bad news is, there’s too much to digest. After all, readers involved in these areas of work cannot spend all their time on social media sites. And even if you could, would you want to — after all, the quality of content is very mixed.

To help solve this problem — for both ourselves and our stakeholders — we publish a number of weekly digests, aimed at curating — in concise form — news from the best sources. For this purpose we use the platform (terrible name but useful platform!).

Our latest news-sheet is Training and Learning Digest, which will publish every Monday morning. The publication is available here: For convenience, readers can subscribe to the publication or follow the link to each edition provided by our Twitter account, @FJWilsontalent.

We will continue to refine the news feeds we use for Training and Learning Digest, so feedback on the content would be very welcome. Similarly, if you publish content regularly in this area and would like to recommend that we incorporate it into our news feed, do please let me know.


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